New Year new jobs in Kingston

Kingstonians are set to benefit from new job opportunities and better roads in the New Year.  

From April 1 2013, the Royal Borough of Kingston and leading UK highways maintenance provider – Enterprisemouchel, will begin work on a new contract valued at almost £5m.

A contract requirement is for Enterprisemouchel to take on new apprentices. Simon James, Councillor and Lead Member for Transport said: “It’s great news for young people who will get the chance of engineering apprenticeships, which is a long-lasting economic investment.  

“Highways maintenance is a vital service which has a direct influence on the quality of life of residents and road users.

“This will mean better roads, better value for money, better customer care and responsiveness to highway enquiries.”

Enterprisemouchel will take responsibility for its vehicles meeting pollutions standards and  conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

Kingston Council retains direct ownership of the contract.

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