All I want for Christmas… Marian’s Top 5

Christmas is upon us. Once again it’s time to deck your halls with boughs of holly and get liberal with the festive cheer.

It’s time to shed your normal clothes and regress to a uniform of pyjamas and hot water bottles. As the saying goes: ‘Tis the season to mainline novelty chocolates and cry in front of the John Lewis advert.

Here at the Kingston Courier we try to be independent, successful members of society but at Christmas we revert to the needy children we really are. So this year we’re celebrating the season of giving by sharing our lists of demands, sorry, Christmas wish lists.

Fa la la la la and all that jazz. Enjoy.

This time its me, Kingston Courier Reporter, Marian Borges.

Perhaps the most boring and yet most practical Christmas gift (aside from the other Christmas classic: socks). As the chilly months are upon us most people have already caught a bug or two before the silly season even hits. I’m constantly stealing my boyfriend’s hankies, every single one of them a Christmas present from his Nanna. To distinguish between our handkerchiefs, I’d love a couple of these jewel coloured silk numbers from Aspinal of London. The pink and gold ones are so pretty.

Christmas jumper
The competition for the worst, or as I like to think, best Christmas jumper, is an annual family affair. When I hear the words ‘fair isle knit’ I’m liable to swoon. Why not co-ordinate the look for the whole family, one for baby, one for mum and one for dad. For something a bit more fun why not pose for next year’s Christmas card photo in vintage jumpers from Beyond Retro or Urban Outfitters. Who could resist this fabulous jumper wrapped up and waiting to be worn on Christmas day? Or this one? I have one just like it in red. Bridget Jones eat your heart out.

Over the years we women seem to collect an unaccountable amount of perfume. This is because we only actually ever wear one type of perfume, our signature scent. All the other perfumes we own are ghosts of bad Christmas presents past. So if you are going to give perfume this year make sure it’s the one she actually wears. Do not be seduced by endless television commercials, Scarlett Johansson’s lips, gift packs or special offers. Please note any comparisons to Britney Spears will not get you into the Christmas good books. Look out for classics on her bedside table such as Chloe and Channel which have distinct top, middle and base note scents.

The last time I attended a job interview I wished for a long strand of pearls. After a little research online I noticed that many art galleries have an excellent range of jewellery in their gift shops. A string of pearls is much the same wherever you buy it from, so why not help your favourite art gallery out while still getting exactly what you want for Christmas. I’ve found this lovely white pearl necklace from the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington. Other great stocking fillers, at a more reasonable price, include this cool white bunny pendant, and these beautiful pearl and green amethyst earrings. I love the V&A but secretly love visiting the V&A gift shop most of all.

Touchscreen gloves
Sick of having to take off your gloves every time you want to use your smart phone? If you’ve ever missed a call or that magical photo with the kids because you were wearing gloves that you couldn’t get off fast enough, then touchscreen gloves are for you. Devices with touchscreens are so much a part of our lives today that many of our favourite clothing brands manufacturer a digital friendly glove. North Face market their e-tip as a glove for all seasons, fit for skiers and dog walkers alike. Marks and Spencers make a more affordable version in racy red. My favourite are these Mujjo touchscreen gloves which look like ordinary gloves yet do not restrict touchscreen operation to just one finger.

Merry Christmas!

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