Naughty knicker demand saves La Senza

La Senza is in adminstration, but its new owners have kept the Kingston branch open. Do Kingston ladies have particularly high demand for naughty knickers?

When the La Senza lingerie chain went into administration in January, AlShaya, an Arabian retail group, bought it for £100m. They have closed more than half the shops, causing the loss of 1,300 jobs, but the Kingston branch remains open.

Although staff in the Bentall Centre branch, and spokespeople for AlShaya remain tight-lipped about their strategy, it is believed that the 60 stores that were kept open were the stores with the most sales.

Last week the store in the Bentall Centre was busy with customers and staff, some of whom had been transferred to Kingston from other closed down stores in London.

But the lingerie staff refused to speculate either about the Kingston store’s future or about whether demand for naughty knickers was higher in Kingston than other areas in London. 

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