Kingston Serial Flasher Eludes Police

The flasher has been spotted near St John's Church

A man who exposed himself on several occasions to students and residents near St. John’s Church in Kingston has managed to dodge arrest.

Officers were called to the area near the church last week where the flasher was sighted, but were unable to find him.

Steve Young, a Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said that there have been four reports of flashers spotted in the Kingston area over the last few months.

“It is by no means a problem, but if you do see a flasher, call the police,” he said.

According to information from Kingston University, the exposed man is mainly targeting university students, although members of the public have also reported his antics.

Despite temperatures in Kingston remaining at a chilly 8 degrees last month, the flasher was not deterred and was repeatedly spotted around the same area.

Police advise people to take extra care at night by keeping to well lit pavements, avoid walking home alone and if they spot the flasher, to avoid approaching him and call the police immediately.

Young said that the problem with these kinds of incidents is that the police often arrive when the perpetrator has already left.

“There was no trace when they got there,” he said.

Police are looking into providing panic alarms to help people feel safer.

Photo courtesy of Rex Features

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