Kingston police officers and volunteers awarded for heroism and bravery

Kingston police officers and volunteers received awards in a ceremony on February 21 for ‘acts of heroism, bravery, superb investigation’ and more.

Sally Benatar, leader of the Metropolitan Police’s South West Borough Command Unit (SWBCU), presented the awards in a ceremony that was also attended by the Mayor of Kingston Thay Thayalan and his wife.

The Mayor said: “We heard remarkable stories of bravery, professionalism and dedication from police officers and members of the public who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

“It was a memorable moment for the recipients of the awards who were proud to receive the awards in front of their families and friends.

“I am sure this award ceremony would have motivated the police force and made them feel valued.”  

In the first half of the ceremony, officers were awarded for life-saving actions, feats of law enforcement and community engagement, while volunteers were commended for their services to the force in the second section.

In a Twitter post, Kingston Police said: “Congratulations to our officers and staff who were commended for their acts of heroism and compassion. We loved having you and your families here to celebrate your achievements.”

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