Kingston councillor calls Primark customers “chavs”

A local Tory councillor caused a furore when he called Primark’s customers “chavs” during a Kingston Town Neighbourhood meeting on 6th February.<--break->“></p>

<p>During a planning consultation for the Primark expansion plans, many councillors voiced their displeasure with the proposed design for the building, calling it “very unattractive” and “a disappointment”.</p>

<p>Councillor Frank Thompson, Vice-Chair of the committee, then said: “I don’t think all the chavs that shop there will be too worried about the façade.”</p>

<p>The council was stunned into uncomfortable laughter and fidgeting, until councillor Geoff Austin said: “Well, I’ve been in there. Am I a chav?”  He added: “We can’t make comments like that.”</p>

<p>Immediately after the exchange between the two councillors, the discussion ended when Mr Austin finished: “Okay, so we have enough comments there. Nobody wants to add anything more, so I will close that item.”</p>

<p>Mr Thompson, who sits on the Development Control Committee which will determine the Primark application, declared an interest in the discussion and therefore, was not meant to take part in the debate.</p>

<p>The Development Control Committee granted Primark’s application for expansion on 12th February.</p>

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