Anonymous donor pledges £25,000 to Love Kingston

A charity providing ‘pathways out of poverty’ for local people has received £25,000 from a mystery benefactor days ahead of its inaugural event.

The generous patron, who wishes to remain anonymous, has opened the purse and heart strings just in time for the Valentine’s Day fundraiser. Half of the money raised by Love Kingston will go to five community projects and the other half will go towards a Kingston Legacy Fund.

“No one knows where they’re going to end up and what’s around the corner. So it’s really important that people spare a thought, and a few quid would be nice as well, to support the event. We’re all very lucky in where we are,” said Elaine Miller, the Fundraising Manager for Love Kingston.

Projects benefiting from the Love Kingston Day are Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness, Kingston Foodbank, Hestia, Oxygen, and Kingston Savers.

Selecting the five projects was incredibly difficult with 400 community and charity groups working within the Kingston borough, so Love Kingston came to focus on pathways out of poverty, Ms Miller said.

Love Kingston is a partnership between Kingston Voluntary Action and The London Community Foundation. Kingston Voluntary Action were only one of 72 charities across the country to win match funding from the Community Development Foundation. This means money raised for the Legacy Fund attracts a 50 per cent match on all donations. Love Kingston needs to raise £193,052 by March this year to secure the full pot of match funding available.

Cases where a high net worth individual or business would like to set up a generous donor advice fund of £25,000 or more automatically attracts match funding, Ms Miller said.

Love Kingston is encouraging the community to think of novel ways to fundraise. Restaurant chain Jamie’s Kitchen hopes to raise about £400 with a special Love Kingston dish which will be on the menu Thursday and Friday. While Big Yellow Box will be asking for donations in return for a chance to ask ‘what’s in the box?’.

Popular local fundraiser Nancy Vlasto, 86, will be fundraising with her pantomime horse Blossom in Kingston Market Place from 10am on Thursday.

“There are a lot of unsung hero’s working at the coal face, really making a difference and an impact on day to day life,” Ms Miller said.

Love Kingston events are being held throughout the borough on Thursday, 14 February 2013.

Follow Love Kingston on facebook to find out more about events near you.

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