Elderly pedestrian hit by bus discharged from hospital

Jack Maunders, 70, of Thames Ditton, was hit by a 213, Go Ahead London bus on Tuesday 31 January on Eden Street. 

He was discharged only six days after the accident, last Monday (6 February), from St Georges Hospital in Tooting, where he was taken by paramedics from the scene of the accident.

Mr Maunders has been recovering at home, Michelle Clements his daughter, said: “His bruises are starting to fade. But he is still in a lot of pain on the inside.”

She added: “He has had a remarkable recovery. He was unrecognisable on the first night so he is very lucky to be alive.” 

Mr Maunders has been cared for by his three daughters Michelle, Sharon and Jacqui.

Michelle said: “Forget Charlie’s angel’s, we’ve called ourselves Jack’s angel’s. We have been making sure he has been taking his supplements and keeping him amused.

“He is a strong, determined and stubborn man. He still works part time and has a social life to be envious of. He is not your typical 70-year-old. That’s what kind of pulled him through.”

A full body MR scan on Mr Maunders showed a broken rib, and fractured bones on his face which his doctor described as ‘corn flakes’. His jaw was surgically wired to support the bones fusing.

Mr Maunders does not remember any details of the accident, however, Michelle said: “He is not in the habit of stepping out in front of vehicles. He is not your doddery old git.” 

The family are waiting to view the CCTV footage which they hope will provide answers about how the accident happened.

Michelle said: “We think it happened near the edge of the curb. But we won’t know for sure until we have seen the CCTV footage.” 

The family has not been contacted by the bus company.

Michelle said: “I don’t know the procedure, but perhaps if they had contacted us it would go a little towards finding out what happened.”

The bus company Go Ahead London said they are assisting the investigation.

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