Domestic violence sentence delayed by defendant’s mental health

A wife who was charged with domestic violence against her husband was denied bail and had her sentence postponed, a court heard on Monday.

Mrs Renako Deans, wife and mother, has been held in custody since October for an incident involving domestic violence, which occurred in front of her three children.

Mr Deans, husband and victim, wept as he told Kingston Crown Court that he has received psychological treatment from the domestic violence inflicted upon him but has not undergone any hospital treatment for his physical injuries. 

Prosecutor Stephen Apted refused to comment on specific details of the event which occurred in front of Mr and Mrs Deans’ children and only said, “We are talking about a case with a long history of domestic abuse.”

A restraining order was issued forbidding Mrs Renako Deans from entering the street where her husband and children live and from contacting her children or their school.

Sentencing was delayed until 17th February as the defence had no treatment plan in place or any information on mental health teams and practitioners to treat Mrs Renako Deans.  The defence will have the next three weeks to contact mental health treatment facilities in the community where Mrs Renako Deans will live following her sentence.

While Mrs Deans has had no previous convictions she accepts she needs mental health treatment.

The defense proposed to release Mrs Deans on bail so she may live with her cousin until the court reconvenes, but was refused by Mr Justice Southwell, citing that “she is need of treatment, and if released today there is no certainty she will receive this treatment.”

The sentencing is tentatively scheduled for Friday, February 17th at 10:00 am.

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