Cosmopolitan recipe

With more people choosing to drink in their homes before going out, it is important to know how to make drinks. Classic cocktails are no longer restricted to the  cast of Sex and the City.

The cosmopolitan cocktail is favoured by many glamazons, including Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker. It is easy to make and with so much fruit juice, you could almost pretend it is one of your five-a-day.

The ingredients you’ll need are:

1.5 shot vodka (Smirnoff vodka is a triple distilled vodka, available nationwide in Tesco. £17 for 1litre bottle)

1 shot Cointreau (available nationwide in Tesco, £18 for a 500ml bottle)

1 shot Cranberry juice

Dash of Lime Juice

1 Lime/orange rind

Cool the glass by adding ice to it as you mix the ingredients together in a shaker (or, if you’re doing it in the house, use a mug with ice in it). Remove the ice from the cocktail glass and strain the ingredients into the glass. Take a lime or orange rind and place it on the top of the cocktail glass and voila-a glass of glamour in 2 minutes!

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