Concerns Over Speeding On The Station Estate

Councillors have agreed to follow up proposals that there should be a 20 mile an hour speed limit on the Station Estate, Kingston. 

The move was agreed last Wednesday after a resident from the estate put forward a petition calling for safer roads. 

Stephen Powers collected 60 signatures to designate the area as a quiet zone with a 20 mile an hour speed limit.

“I myself have had several run ins with drivers where I have stepped out into the road to try to encourage people to moderate their speed and have received verbal and other abuse,” he said. 

Residents of the Station Estate are especially concerned for the safety of children and of older residents. 

While residents have reason to respect the speed limit, Mr Powers has said that builders and delivery men coming to the area are breaking it. 

Ian Price, traffic engineer for the Maldens and Combe area, said: “I was involved in the Station Estate scheme back in 2009. When we did the consultation at that time one of the responses that we had was that the residents perceived that there was a speeding issue.”

The plans are to go ahead in the new year after a consultation with the neighbourhood.

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