Brave Kingston Police enter home to rescue man from gas leak

Kingston police officers showed “incredible bravery” to rescue a man from a gas leak in his home on Monday morning.

Officers were called to the residence on Park Road after reports of a gas leak in the area. When they arrived they saw a man though a window lying unconscious on the lounge floor.

Due to the risk to life from explosion or inhalation the officers were faced with a tough decision but they decided to enter the property and managed to bring the man outside before shutting off the gas.

A police statement said: “Between them all, they were able to drag him outside into the arms of the waiting paramedics who began their life-saving work.”

The police later confirmed that the man was taken to hospital and is on the road to recovery.

Kingston Borough Commander, Glenn Tunstall said: “By entering the premises they showed incredible bravery and probably saved the life of the occupier.

“This is a perfect example of the incredibly difficult decisions police officers make on a daily basis, decisions that they know may be scrutinised at a later stage, but despite that they thankfully still keep making those life and death decisions.”

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