Bands do battle at Knights Park

Kingston University celebrated the talent of its students in its annual Battle of the Bands contest on November 2.

The winners of the contest were the band ‘Pilhouse’. Despite only being formed a few weeks earlier the judges were blown away by their talent.

Speaking to the band, contest judge Will Franden said: “Overall the arrangements were really thought out, we felt you guys did the style very well, confidently and gave it your all. Really gave in to the solos and the vocal breaks and it was just a really solid performance.”

‘Pilhouse’ had suffered a minor setback during their performance and were forced into stopping for a moment.

However, they recovered well and this was noted by the second judge, Jess Aslan who said: “Absolutely great showmanship, you gave it loads of energy, you work really well as a band together. I was really impressed with all your musicianship together and you recovered brilliantly from a little setback.”

The winners were presented with a stylish plaque and a £150 Amazon Voucher. Taking to Instagram to show their appreciation, they posted. “[shoutout] the battle of the bands for awarding us the winner that’s peng”

There were two runners-up in no particular order: ‘Picky’ and ‘Zuzanna’s Quartet’ who each got £50 of Amazon vouchers and a plaque.

At the end of the contest last year’s winners ‘Baby Husband’ performed their own set on what was the release day for their first single ‘TV’.

The Battle of the Bands was the final event in the interdisciplinary week at Kingston School of Arts, Knights Park.

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