Whitney – Queen of the Night: Review 

Whitney – Queen of the Night, came to the stage at the Rose Theatre on May 23 and 24, paying tribute to the legendary singer Whitney Houston.  

This production, direct from the West End, is a vibrant celebration of Houston’s remarkable musical career and her hits which still live on even a decade after her passing.  

The theatre was packed with groups of women eagerly awaiting the star of the show. The cheers erupted the moment Whitney, played by Elesha Paul Moses, stepped into the spotlight in a blue sequined jumpsuit. 

The live band, positioned on their own separate stage, featured a bassist, keyboardist, saxophonist, drummer, and guitarist, all of whom played passionately throughout the night and mirrored Whitney Houston’s songs very accurately.  

The show opened with the number one Billboard Hot 100 hit, So Emotional, which immediately ignited the crowd’s enthusiasm and had people dancing in their seats. 

Moses embodying Whitney Houston, was not only vocally impressive and well-matched the real-life singer’s voice and performance mannerisms, but she was also convivial and engaged with the audience. 

Despite a minor slip-up when she asked: “Richmond, are you excited?” Instead of Kingston, her shocked look and quick apology kept the atmosphere light and fun. 

A particularly memorable moment was when she invited a mature audience member named Richard to dance and sing along. The audience chanted his name and others even stood up to dance along.  

The night moved smoothly from one iconic hit to another, making it feel more like a real-life concert than a traditional musical. By the second half of the show, the entire audience was out of their seats, singing and dancing along.  

The dynamic lighting was in alternating rainbow hues for the party hits and a disco ball slid down from above for added flair, which enhanced the celebratory mood. 

Throughout the performance, 20 of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits were sung, including I Wanna Dance with Somebody, My Love Is Your Love, and I Will Always Love You.  

Each song was performed with powerful vocals and captivating choreography, supported by three talented backing singers and dancers. 

Between songs, elements of Whitney Houston’s career were shared, focusing on her musical legacy and leaving out the more personal and tragic aspects of her life. 

This kept the evening uplifting and showed that Houston’s legacy goes beyond the scandals she had experienced in her lifetime. 

Overall, Whitney – Queen of the Night was a spectacular and heartwarming tribute. It offered fans an opportunity to relive the magic of Whitney Houston’s music in a live setting, filled with energy, nostalgia, and undeniable talent.  

Whether you are a lifelong fan or new to her music, this production is a must-see celebration of the one and only queen of the night. Tickets are still available upcoming shows on the tour. 

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