Valentines Film-off: The disenchanted

I call upon all that have fallen victim of the hallmark fraud day, which hallmark calls Valentines Day. While the weak sit in front of the soppy rom-coms and classic love films. Join me as I embark on the list of the “appropriate” films to watch on Valentines Day. The films that prove the notion of “love” and celebrating it, is not the right thing to do. The 14th of February is a day I choose to stick to what is true.

500 Days of summer (2009)

I’ll start of with my favourite; a story of boy meets girl but it is not a love story. Now this is a film about real life, as it deals with rejection and getting over a broken heart. You will not always end up with the person you want, even if it feels right. Summer reminds Tom that she does not believe in love through out the whole film, yet she enjoys an affair with him and ends it when she finds another. Remind yourself of that harsh world on Valentines Day, when everyone thinks they are at the peak of their unrealistic “love”.

American Beauty (1999)

Don’t let the rose petals throughout this dark comedy fool you; it is not a romantic film. Lest Burnham, a depressed father in a mid-life crisis develops an infatuation with his daughters cheerleader friend. Infatuation, a natural feeling for any person, a feeling they can’t help. Do I blame him? No, have you seen the girl’s seduction tactics? All the while, his wife is cheating on him with her main competitor in real estate game. Neither could care less, they accept and forgive adultery because its natural.

Closer (2004)

Don’t swear eternal love when you know all you want is excitement. A story about partner swapping, it begins with a beautiful start to love at first sight. Pushing the envelope of love to the extreme, letting us fall for the story of Dan and Alice. That’s till he meets Anna who is in a relationship and an affair sparks. While the story may have been the typical adultery film, the couples stay with the other as they cheat on one another. If love doesn’t bore you, then it will disappoint you.

Revolutionary Road (2008)

April and Frank meet and the story of their young love is told. We watch as they get to know each other and fall into the “perfect” life of a home with children and a good job. Yet as time goes by the couple are driven apart by dreams that have forgone because of their commitment to one another. April chooses to do whatever it takes to rid herself of her unhappy existence with the man she thought she loved. To what extent will love be enough to give up your passion?

Fatal attraction (1987)

After a weekend cheating with his colleague on his wife, Dan Callaghar realizes it might have been a much bigger mistake than he thought. Alex could not let Dan go and comes back to haunt him and his family. Happily married Dan gave up his marriage just for a fatal attraction. How much do you trust an emotion that is stumped by attraction that may lead to destruction?

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