Theatre Preview: LOL (Lots Of Love)

Facebook, human relationships and dance are the fascinating components of LOL (Lots of Love), the latest Protein Dance Company show, on stage at The Rose Theatre this Friday.<--break->“></p>

<p>Six dancers, through an artistic combination of movements and words, will put at the centre of the stage the: “isolated togetherness”, which, according to the Artistic Director Luca Sivestrini, characterizes social-media led modern communications.</p>

<p>“It is about people, it is about love, it is about now.” Silvestrini said.</p>

<p>LOL (lots of Love), already on tour in 2011, has met the favour of the critics and obtained three nominations at the Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards 2011.</p>

<p>“We are thrilled to have received so many prestigious awards nominations and we hope the spring dates for ‘LOL’ will reach those who weren’t able to see the show in 2011; particularly audiences in Watford, Kingston upon Thames, Guildford, Lincoln, Taunton, Wellingborough and Lancaster.” Commented the Artistic Director.</p>

<p>LOL will be at The Rose Theatre, High Street, Kingston, Friday the 10th of February at 7.30 pm. For information phone: 08444 821 556 or visit the website: </p>

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