Stoptober is over but you can still quit

Don’t let the end of October be the end of Stoptober – smokers are urged to keep on quitting.

Stoptober set those who smoke the challenge of going 28 days without smoking. People who manage to quit for 28 days are five times more likely to stay smoke-free.

The Government announced at the end of month-long campaign that 268,000 people had signed-up to the campaign and vowed to quit. Stoptober was devised as a result of smoking being the biggest cause of death in the United Kingdom. 

Despite October having ended, that doesn’t mean support for quitting over a period of 28 days has ended. So if you are looking for quitting tips and inspiration to help you complete the 28 days then you’re in luck as we have compiled some tips and advice.

Make a Plan, Stan

The Stoptober programme suggests that the best place to begin is by making a plan. It doesn’t need to be as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University, to quote Baldrick, but a plan will help organise your effort and keep it in order. 

Gargle Sugar Water?

According to a study, highlighted in The Sun, the presence of glucose on the tongue can help boost self-control. Whilst it isn’t being triumphed as a cure, the short-term effects could offer help. 

Positive Thoughts

Money makes the world go round. Well that’s what some say and one upside of smoking is that you will save lots of it. When you are having an awful day and that naughty thought to break all your good work pops into your head, just imagine the money you can save for that lovely beach holiday you’ve been dreaming of…

Chew, Chew, Chew Your Gum

Hypnotherapist Max Kirsten suggests that chewing gum helps keep your mouth busy whilst also keeping it minty fresh. Maybe Max was sponsored by Wrigley’s when he offered this tip. Other chewing gum brands are available, of course. 

Meditation and Relaxation

Visualising your end goal of quitting can help you focus on the task ahead, but it is also important to allow time for yourself to relax and rest. This will offer you a chance to shore up those positive reasons for stopping. 

If you are planning to quit then make sure to check out the Stoptober website for more information. 

Oh and most importantly, good luck. 

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