New scheme to help carers talk about ‘good death’

A new scheme which provides advice to carers about the options available to their loved ones at their end of their life is being piloted by Age Concern Kingston.<--break->“></p>

<p>The ‘Lend a Hand’ scheme will support non-professional carers by providing them with practical and emotional support at one of the most difficult times in their life.</p>

<p>Debbie Cottrell, of <a href=Age Concern Kingston, says that people caring for their loved ones sometimes lack support partly because they fail to recognise the significance of their role.

She said: “Carers in Kingston are a hidden treasure in the community and they save a lot of money for the NHS and the council but they often don’t value themselves as a carer.”

One of the main drivers of the scheme is to encourage carers to talk to loved ones about death so that they are able to plan a ‘good death’.

Ms Cottrell says that many carers do not know the options they have available to them and hopes the scheme will help people realise that there are alternatives to going into hospital at the end of your life and never coming out.

Ms Cottrell said: “We are going to pass away and people should be able to do that in the privacy of their own homes if they want to.”

The scheme involves volunteers meeting weekly with a carer on a one-to-one basis and supporting them in accessing information, advice and support. 

Age Concern Kingston is looking for volunteers to assist with the Lend a Hand scheme. Full training and supervision is provided. For further information contact the Age Concern Kingston office on 020 942 8256, email or visit .

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