Moshi Monsters Madness

Moshi Monsters in Kingston upon Thames now has its own permanent residence in The Entertainer toy store.

On Saturday, 13 October, The Entertainer opened its doors to the brand new world they created for the popular line of children’s toys, Moshi Monsters

Kids lined up to be the first in the store, and the first 100 received an assortment of Moshi Monsters products.

Throughout the day Katsuma, a character from the brand, graced The Entertainer and took pictures with fans. 

Upon entering the store one is greeted by Moshi Monsters arrows on the floor leading to their world. 

As if following a “yellow brick road” they lead you up the stairs to the archway on the left that greets Moshi Monsters enthusiasts.

The room is lined with Moshi Monsters products from the floor to the ceiling and has a table in the middle for kids to play and trade Moshi Monsters. On the back wall a TV is embedded, streaming Moshi Monsters programs next to little nooks containing Moshi Monsters toys. 

The Brannen family of Twickenham went to The Entertainer just for the opening.

When asked how much do you like Moshi Monsters, Sam Brannen, 7, replied: “Very, very, very, very, very much.”

He and his brother Kristian, 5, then took a picture with Katsuma who had found his way to the monster world. 

As an estimated customer count, Assistant Manager, Damien McCarthy, said they started out with 500 Moshi Monsters balloons, which had all gone by the early afternoon. 

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