Kingston University’s Space Bar to close

It may come as a disappointment to many students that the Space bar at Penrhyn Road will be closing shortly, but the new renovations to the Picton Room will soon offer the students a chance to get together and have a drink.

The Space bar, which is one of three student bars at KU and a popular venue for sports clubs and societies to host their events, will close on April 30.

The bar is closing due to demolition work to the Town House this spring, which is one of Penrhyn Road’s many learning facilities.

The Dean of Students Bruce Armstrong said: “The construction of the new Town House will begin in four weeks time, and will continue over five years.

” It is designed by award-winning architects and it is going to be a big signature building here at Kingston University.”

Facilities in the new Town House will include a learning resources centre, an auditorium, two cafes and a new landscaping scheme across the front of the campus.

How the new Town House will look like. Credit: Grafton Architects
How the new Town House will look like. Credit: Grafton Architects

The Picton Room at Penrhyn Road Campus is also closed due to renovations, and will re-open in the beginning of June.

“The Picton room is going to be the same as it has been during the day, a place where staff and postgrad students can meet for lunch, and in mid-afternoon until 9pm it will function as a bar. This is a new responsible approach for an appropriate alcohol environment at the campus,” Armstrong said.

The new Picton Room will include new stylish furniture and a greater range of food options as well as offering a range of wine and beers.

“We are working with a new catering offer that will be put in place soon, where student and staff will have a variety of menus to chose from,” Armstrong said.

A final drinks event will be held in the Space bar on Friday April 29 that will be open for all students. Since the capacity is limited, the students will need ID and their student ID card to gain entry.

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