Kingston school children crack down on speeding drivers

School children from Kingston have been working alongside police and Kingston Council to remind drivers of the dangers of speeding.

Pupils took to the streets as part of the Junior Roadwatch initiative, a speed awareness campaign, in the lead up to Road Safety Week.

This year’s theme is “Speed Down Save Lives”  to raise awareness about the dangers of exceeding speed limits.

Kingston Council sustainable traffic officer, Patrick Long, said that Kingston was actively educating children in the borough about road safety skills and reminding motorists about the dangers and consequences of speeding.

“The Junior Roadwatch events have been a real success, where we bring groups of school children, wearing yellow safety jackets, to the roadside to speak to drivers after they have been stopped by the police for speeding,” he said.

“Some of the encounters have been really impactful with the children asking really challenging questions of the drivers, such as  ‘How would you like to tell my mum and dad that you injured me?’

“A young female driver, with a young child in her car who was stopped for doing 30mph in a 20mph zone, told us afterwards ‘If my child was knocked down outside school it would be the end for me. I can’t believe I was so stupid, I am so sorry.'”

Kingston and Richmond safer transport inspector Darren Brett, who also participated in the trial event, said:

“Each driver we stopped and engaged with left the event reflecting on the possible consequences of their actions and promised to be more mindful.

“It is important for drivers to be mindful all the time about speeding, but particularly around school zones. We hope that drivers get the message that Speed Down, Saves Lives.”

Approximately five deaths and 64 serious injuries occur every day on UK roads.

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