John Terry throws hisssy-fit

John Terry slithered his way out of opening a snake shop in Surbiton, just 24 hours after being embroiled in a race storm. <--break->“></p>

<p>The England captain was supposed to open Reptile Kingdom on the Ewell Road, but failed to show up only a day after being accused of racially abusing Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand.</p>

<p>Hundreds of fans were left disappointed, including Lesley Hollingsworth, 52, who was with her mother Maud Chandler and her terminally ill brother, Len Chandler.</p>

<p>“Well, that’s disgusting” she said when told the news Terry would not be coming.</p>

<p>“He should carry on as normal, whether he’s in trouble or not. It looks bad when they go and hide,” she added.</p>

<p>Wheelchair-bound Len Chandler, a lifelong Chelsea supporter who suffers from Huntington’s disease had hoped Terry would sign a photograph he had of him and his son.  The pair are pictured holding the Charity Shield before Len had become ill. </p>

<p>Len’s mother was outraged at Terry’s no-show, remarking, “He’s the captain of the team he should behave himself.”</p>

<p>Fifteen-year-old Henry Rayner agreed, saying: “I think that’s disappointing, especially when so many people showed up.”</p>

<p>Police are now investigating the allegations of racial abuse seen in YouTube videos, made during a bad-tempered game against QPR. It is not the first time that the 30-year old has been the subject of controversy – he was notoriously stripped of the England captaincy after he allegedly had an affair with a fellow player’s ex-girlfriend.</p>

<p>Mr Terry denies that he ever agreed to attend the opening of Reptile Kingdom but fans and press attended in droves to get a look at the controversial star.  </p>

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