iPad 3 not worth the hefty price tag

Long queues of people outside Apple stores were desperate to get their hands on the new iPad 3 last week as sales topped three million in only three days. But is it worth it?

Less than a year after the iPad 2 was released, Apple killed its buzz and released a newer version of the ultra-thin tablet, leaving many owners of the second generation perplexed.

The release has left many with the question: should I save my money and hang on to (or buy) an iPad 2, or should I fall victim to the technological pull and buy the third generation apple tablet?

The obvious answer is there is no need to spend so much money on a gadget when you can do the same on the second generation, £230 cheaper tablet. The iPad 2 was state-of-the-art only a few days before the third-generation iPad was released.

A direct comparison of the two devices:

Design: both iPads are covered in an aluminum and glass build; however, the iPad 3 is 0.7mm thicker than the iPad 2’s 8.8mm frame. Even though the difference will not be visible to the eye, you will feel the extra weight after holding the iPad 3 for a few minutes.

Resolution: the iPad 3’s resolution is four times that of the iPad 2.

Battery: the iPad 3 guarantees ten hours out of the tablet whereas you can get a good nine hours out of iPad 2. This means that the new iPad will have to be charged for an extra hour from a drained battery.

Camera: this may be the only worthwhile reason to upgrade to the iPad 3. The rear camera on the new iPad gives similar results to the iPhone 4, which is a huge improvement from the poor quality of images on the iPad 2.

If you are an owner of iPad 2, which was the best tablet in the world until March 3, hang on to that wonderful piece of technology, as you are not missing out on much.

However, if you are a new buyer and cannot make up your mind between the two, then look at how important the camera and HD display qualities are to your usage and whether they are worth an extra £230.

Either way, expect to see an iPad 4 in a year’s time. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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