How Kingston Students can register for the postal vote

As elections are around the corner, the Kingston Courier spoke to the Kingston Electoral Registration team about how students can cast a postal vote .

First, you need to register to vote, the deadline is midnight 26th November. Anyone who is registered to vote can have their ballot paper sent to them by post, and cast their vote, rather than voting in person at a polling station.

Next, apply for a postal vote by filling in and submitting the postal vote application form you will then receive a polling card in the post to your designated address. The deadline to submit the application form is by 5pm on Tuesday 26th November.

Finally, anyone wishing to vote by post at the general election must be:

  1. British or a qualifying Commonwealth citizen
  2. Registered to vote
  3. Have submitted a postal vote application form by 5pm on Tuesday 26 November

The option of a postal vote can be a more accessible form of voting for students  if they are living away from home during term time. In previous years, approximately 20 per cent of electors have applied to vote by post in the Kingston Upon Thames Borough.

An electoral registration team representative said: “(We) Encourage everyone to register to vote.”

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