Holocaust-Denier To Run For Council In Worcester Park

Mr. Edmonds, from the National Front, will run for Sutton Council in the ward of Worcester Park in April.

His campaign is likely to focus on proposals for a new mosque in the area, the site of which was daubed with a swastika in June.

Mr Edmonds said that the mosque threatened “the British character of Worcester Park” and he wanted to remind people in Worcester Park that “this is Great Britain, not Saudi Arabia”.

To justify his opposition to the mosque building he claimed that “the British never built a cathedral or a church in India because it would have been an insult to the muslims and hindus”. In fact, hundreds were built under the British empire.

In October, Mr Edmonds said: “You can’t bring up children where the ethnics dominate” and called migrants “exotics from the tropics looking like Ali Baba with his turban on.”

When asked about these comments he said that the level of crime commited by non-whites was higher which made multi-racial areas less safe.

Mr Edmonds himself has several criminal convictions including one for vandalising a statue of Nelson Mandela. He said he did not regret this incident and called Mandela “a terrorist”.

When asked for his views on the holocaust he said: “To the best of my knowledge there is nothing to substantiate that claim – that six million people died.”

He expressed fears that laws against holocaust-denial in several European countries, combined with European arrest warrants restricted his freedom of speech.

Specifically he mentioned the case of David Irving, of whom Edmonds is a supporter, who was imprisoned in Austria for holocaust-denial.

Kingston Unite Against Fascism said: “There is no place for holocaust-deniers in the twenty first century” and they want to “tell every single voter in Worcester Park what Edmonds is really about”.

Image courtesy of Photofusion/REX

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