Kingston shop told Halloween decorations are “insensitive”

A Halloween plague hit Kingston on Thursday, as pumpkins, bats, witches, zombies and more strutted around in full costume.

To celebrate Halloween, shops followed suit: in Boots, staff wore spooky face paint and in Oxfam, dresses were covered with fake blood.

But not everyone was delighted to see the Halloween decorations.

Grandmother Nori Chesney said: “I can’t tell you how many people have told me they have been upset by Halloween costumes concerning death – it upsets children and really confuses some, then they have nightmares.”

Staff at Oxfam were approached by a displeased customer, who informed them that their Halloween decorations were insensitive to abuse victims and should be removed.

“I was quite taken aback by the lady’s aggression,” said Nicole Dixon, an Oxfam volunteer.

“We are saddened that our attempt to join in the Halloween festivities were taken completely out of context,” said Manager Janice Harmsworth.

“We only meant for our decorations to be a bit of fun and we apologise to anyone whom we offended.

“Apart from this lady, we have had positive feedback from customers.”

Staff removed the dresses with fake blood while the customer was present, before deciding to put them back and continue celebrating Halloween.

What do YOU think?

Are Halloween costumes insensitive – or just a bit of light-hearted fun?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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