Go green this year with your Christmas gift wrap

With so many alternative options available to the regular wrapping paper, ease the load going to the landfill by using these simple ideas.  Your recipients will never forget these!

One of the main culprits behind the increase in rubbish around Christmas time is definitely the wrapping paper. According to Recycle Works.org, household waste increases by more than 25% during November and December, and half of the paper consumed in a year is used to wrap gifts. But this does not mean that you should stop dressing your precious presents; instead here are some innovative ideas to protect the environment and make your presents stand out in the crowd of shimmery, shiny clones.

  1. Handmade Cloth Bags: Spare fabric such as lace, denims, colourful buttons and various other pieces can be used to stitch beautiful cloth pouches. Unleash your creativity and make customised bags to suit the personality of your recipient. This not only adds a personal touch but also makes your present extra special.
  2. Recyclable Gift Boxes: The boxes your presents come in can be turned into excellent gift boxes. All they need is a little bit of prepping up and touches! Use decorations from the nature to give them a special touch that make them stand out.  Paste sea shells, dried leaves, flowers or pinecones on the boxes and let your imagination run wild.
  3. Designer Paper Collage: Create a collage out of your glossy magazine covers, newspapers and the puzzle section to make an innovative gift wrap. Comics make a great wrapping paper for kids and young at heart.
  4. Maps: You know that these have been lying around in your house and won’t be used until you are looking for somewhere to go. These look colourful and a little string of ribbon and your present will definitely grab some attention.
  5. Decorated paper bags : The good old brown paper bags from the grocery store easy to use.  If brown is too dull for you, break out the crayons and your bag is ready for use.
  6. Children’s Art: The best way to show your little one that you appreciate their creativity is by using their master piece as wrapping paper. Your recipients are bound to take joy and tear the wraps very carefully. But you better ask your little Picasso before using his or her masterpiece.
  7. Clay Flowerpots: These are reusable alternatives for the recipient. Decorate the pot using ceramic markers, paint, old jewelry, mirrors and lace.
  8. Glass Jars: After using all the jam in your jars, use it as a gift container.  Soak the label, remove it, and get creative. The options for using cloth, ribbon and lid decorations are endless. Tie a ribbon or bow at the neck of the jar and your beautiful container is ready to use!
  9. Furoshiki: This Japanese way of folding cloth into beautiful packages. Tie a few knots into interesting places will make an eye catching package.
  10. Gifts as creative gift wraps: Why not wrap your present in another beautiful gift such as a beautiful pashmina stole or a handmade purse? This is definitely a double treat for your recipient.

With so many alternative options available to the regular wrapping paper, ease the load going to the landfill by using these simple ideas.Your recipients will never forget these! Merry Christmas.

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