FutureStates, Season 3 out in April.

“A minute ago, this moment was the future. A minute from now, everything could change.”

FutureStates, the popular new online sci-fi show has been running since 2010. These very short seasons put together by the Independent Television Service (ITVS) and various well-known filmmakers, address the concerns of the future through groundbreaking short films. Each episode presents a different vision of the future by combining social issues and science fiction.

Director Nisha Ganatra explores the future of science and genetic technology in her stimulating 20-minute film Beholder from Season 2 of FutureStates. Beholder looks at the future of genetic technology and takes the idea of changing a baby’s eye colour further to eliminating characteristics like homosexuality through inoculation.

The protagonist Sasha, played by Bobby Aryana, lives with her husband in a gated community where children are genetically enhanced. When she finds out that her baby carries the homosexual gene she struggles with the idea of getting a forced inoculation. This film is centred around this quote: “Recent studies find that genetically enhanced children, lead happier, easier, more normal lives than the coast children.”

This very fast 20-minute film takes you on a journey filled with quick short scenes, a constant element of surprise and intriguing confusion.

Behold is an awkwardly interesting film with a fascinating idea that was unfortunately poorly executed due to the lack of time. However, the show is definitely worth a watch due to the enthralling and stimulating ideas presented in each of their episodes.

Advantageous by Jennifer Phang, the first episode of season 3, will be realised on April 3, 2012. This short film is about the idea of using new technology to overcome natural disadvantages and begin life all over again.

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