Donate at the Gate scheme a hit with Boris

Boris Johnson used his oyster card to swipe his way through a student-designed ticket gate on entering Kingston University last month.

<--break->“>Donate at the Gate, designed by Helen Parry and Stuart Kench, is just one example of the many sustainable designs put on display by Kingston students and admired by Boris.</p>

<p> The Mayor of London said: “I love, love, love, the idea of donating to charity through your Oyster card, I think it’s a genius idea and I’m going to talk to my people at TFL about it.” </p>

<p>The concept is simple: Donate at the Gate deducts an additional penny from your Oyster card for every journey and gives it directly to charity, thus making it easier and faster for people to donate in a way that fits around their lives.</p>

<p>Boris said: “The principle is absolutely brilliant.”</p>

<p>Designer, Helen Parry said: “Pitching Donate at the Gate to Boris was an exciting step in the project’s development. He gave us some great feedback.”</p>

<p>Mr. Johnson visited the university to promote the launch of series of workshops on green growth enterprise starting this November. They will run at the university and offer students the opportunity to learn first-hand from the expertise of the University’s leading experts in sustainable entrepreneurship. </p>

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