App of the Week: Scribblenauts

An unexpected hit on the Nintendo DS, the Scribblenauts franchise has made a flawless transition from the gaming handheld to Apple’s range of devices.<--break->“></p>

<p>Holding true to the game’s original ‘Write Anything, Solve Anything’ premise, Scribblenauts Remix offers the player a seemingly unlimited toolbox with which you can complete a series of puzzles. Simply write anything you like and it will appear in game to help or hinder you. The only restriction is your imagination.</p>

<p>The game controls work simply but efficiently. Holding either side of the screen will move the character from side to side, while a simple swipe will let you view the level at leisure. A button in the top right brings down a text-box in to which you can pour ideas, and  tapping on any object you conjure into existence will allow you to interact with it, be it holding a cup of coffee to riding around in a boat.</p>

<p>Remix carries over the same options as the second instalment in the series Super Scribblenauts, allowing you to create objects but also influence their appearance and behaviour. More often than not this leads to hilarity as you create an amicable pink dragon to do your bidding or solve a puzzle with a furious hedgehog.</p>

<p>Scribblenauts Remix looks sharp and colourful, with the creations each having a unique look and personality. The experience is let down by the short length of the puzzles currently on offer. This is remedied to an extent by the free play environment in which you can experiment, however, it is not enough to hold your attention for long.</p>

<p>Further puzzles may be added in an update but currently there is only enough content for you to engage with for a couple of hours.</p>

<p>At a reasonable price of £2.99 given the quality of the content, Scribblenauts Remix has positioned itself high on the list of cheap games available through the Apple App Store. With phenominally successful games like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump half that price, developer 5<sup>th</sup> Cell may face difficulty justifying the price given the limited replay value.</p>

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