All Saints Church: Celebrating Easter with reflection and tradition 

As Easter approaches, All Saints Kingston church is running a series of events and services to commemorate this solemn yet joyous occasion.

For Christians, Easter is a time of reflection, renewal, and rejoicing in the promise of salvation. 

At All Saints the Easter celebrations are not merely rituals but opportunities for spiritual growth and community engagement.  

One such event is the Reflections: Words from the Cross series, hosted by Kingston United Reform Church, taking place at 7 pm on the evening of Wednesday March 27.  

Attendees can join in person or via Zoom for a biblical reading of the final words spoken by Jesus on the cross. These reflections provide insight to understand the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice and the meaning of redemption. 

The service can also be viewed via the All Saints YouTube channel over the next few days.

Following this introspective series is the Sung Compline at 8pm, held at All Saints Church also on March 27. The Compline is the last prayer of the day that involves singing in “plain chant”, which offers a peaceful conclusion to the day. 

Kate Shrimpton, All Saints communications manager, said: “The Sung Compline is sung by the church’s quality choir. They practice at least twice a week with the Director of Music, David Condry.” 

The choir is comprised of men, women and children, with the children singing treble, who have “beautiful voices” she said.  

 “There’s a real spiritual quality when everyone comes together to sing with the choir. It adds to the peaceful environment, I recommend anyone coming to just to hear the choir,” said Shrimpton. 

As Holy Week progresses, the church prepares for Maundy Thursday, on March 28. Described as a “very special service” as it takes place once a year. 

Shrimpton said: “A common misconception is that because Maundy sounds like mourn it’s an upsetting service, but the word comes from the Latin word Mandetum which means to command as according to the New Testament, in reference to John 13:34.”   

The purpose of the service is to reflect on the commands of Jesus to love one another. Shrimpton clarifies that he encourages this through serving others, which is why he washed the feet of his disciples. 

The Choral Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion will also include the symbolic act of foot washing by members of the clergy, Reverend Joe Moffatt and curate Reverend Sarah Williams — as a gesture of humility and service inspired by Jesus’ own actions. 

On Good Friday, there is the commemorating of the crucifixion of Jesus, which is marked by a series of services beginning at 10am with the Walk of Witness.  

Participants are to gather at Kingston URC for hot cross buns before joining the choir in a symbolic procession from Eden Street to All Saints, reflecting on the stations of the cross along the way.  

At noon, Kingston URC hosts the Words from the Cross service, providing an opportunity for deeper reflection on the meaning of Christ’s suffering and sacrifice. Then, at 1:30 pm, All Saints church conducts a Sung Liturgy for Good Friday, engaging worshippers in prayers and readings that evoke the occasion’s mood. 

Easter Sunday is the pinnacle of the Christian calendar. It is celebrated with reverence and joy at All Saints church. The day begins at 6 am with a Dawn Service, where the lighting of the fire symbolises the resurrection of Christ and the dawn of a new era of hope and salvation. 

This is then followed by Holy Communion at 8 am, inviting participants to pay homage to the Last Supper, where Jesus broke bread with his disciples and foretold his betrayal and resurrection.  

The Choral Eucharist at 9:30 am continues the celebration, accompanied by uplifting music and heartfelt prayers. Finally, the day concludes with Choral Evensong at 6 pm, offering a moment of reflection and thanksgiving for the blessings of Easter. 

In essence, the Easter celebrations at All Saints church are an opportunity to get involved in tradition, reflection, and community engagement.  

Through a series of services and events, participants are invited to journey deeper into the significance of Easter, being Christ’s death and resurrection in their lives. 

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