All I want for Christmas…Felicia’s Top 5

So this year we’re celebrating the season of giving by sharing our lists of demands, sorry, Christmas wish lists.

Next up, it’s our Sports Editor, Felicia Golden

Beats By Dre Studio headphones


If I suddenly won the lottery, or otherwise suddenly came into some wealth, these are the first things I would splurge on.  I’m a simple person with simple tastes, but something about the noise cancellation feature plus the subwoofer sound, wrapped up in a sleek yet comfortable design has me drooling for days.

Houston Texans’ AFC South Division T-shirt


Nike Houston Texans 2012 AFC South Division Champions Ladies Locker Room T-Shirt - White

What did you expect?  We, Houston Texans fans, received an early Christmas present on Sunday, when the Houston Texans won the AFC South Division title.  If I were at home, I would have immediately rushed out to my nearest Academy, or other sports store, to buy my own celebratory shirt. Now, I browse through the Houston Texans’ online shop. Actually, anything from the Houston Texans’ online shop would probably suffice.

Winter Boots


Women's Merona® Neesha Winter Boot - Black

As anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely love boots and would have them in every style if possible, this probably comes as no surprise. However, the closer we get to entering the dead of winter, I realize how difficult it is to find a durable and warm pair of boots(and how ill-prepared I am for an actual winter). These Merona Neesha Winter Boots are the perfect combination of simple and functional.

Community Paintball Mug


Community Paintball Mug

I’m not usually a fan of coffee mugs, or pop culture memorablia, for that matter. But this heat activated coffee mug, themed from one of my favorite television shows, Community, reveals paintball splots whenever hot liquids heat the mug. Come on, how cool is that?!

A plane ticket home

(Houston, TX; photo by Rex Features)

If it were completely up to me, I would be spending the holidays at home in Houston, Texas.  As Christmas Day approaches, I am consistently reminded of family and the ones I want so badly to share the season with.  This will be the first ever Christmas that I will not be spending with family. And while any of these items on my list would be nice to receive, it is this last item that I would ask Santa to give me, even if it will only be 70°F in Houston on Christmas Day.

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