8 Steps to instantly looking slimmer!

If the only sweat you like to break is when you are in a frenzy to open a chocolate bar, but you fear your life of laziness might be catching up with you follow these 8 steps to look instantly slimmer

1)      Stay away from horizontal lines. They look great on skinny boys because they fill out their frames. They also look great on buffed boys because they make them look even broader (If I dressed the Irish rugby team, I would put them all in horizontal stripes! Ooohhh yes!) But if you want to look slimmer, stick to vertical lines, or stay away from lines altogether.

2)      Black is a girl’s best friend when she wants to hide any extra pounds. Black is a great slimming colour, but if you think it’s too severe on your skin tone, try dark brown or dark navy instead.

3)      The shape you wear is more important than the label, colour or trend. If you’re carrying extra weight (who isn’t?), wear fitted clothes only! Stay away from baggy trousers, tops and cardigans as they make you look a lot bigger than you are.

4)      If you have a big bust, stay away from high-neck tops, like polo necks. Create a gorgeous hourglass shape by wearing V or plunge necklines. Holly Willoughby is a size 12 and a 32D; Christina Hendricks is a size 14 and a 34F; and Marilyn Monroe was a size 16. This tells us that you can still look fabulous if you’re bigger than a size ten! Dress for your shape rather than for your size to look super-sexy. Flatter the figure you have, not the figure you want to have.

5)      Another trick to outline the hourglass shape is to wear a belt around your waist. Skinny belts are bang-on-trend this season and can be more flattering than thick belts because some wide belts with elastin can actually create muffin tops.

The most flattering belt to wear around the waist is a black one because its slimming colour will make the waistline look even smaller. If, like me, you carry any excess weight on your tummy, you might find the idea of highlighting your waist a little bit daunting. Dresses with an empire line (pulled in directly under the bust) are just as flattering, because this shape outlines the narrowest part of your frame.

6)      Covering the tops of your arms with a light chiffon, lace or silk sleeve is enough to hide any bingo wings or arms in need of some toning.

7)      Wearing your hair big and full balances out your frame and makes your body look slim in comparison. Adele is a fan of wearing her hair with as much volume as possible to balance out her broad frame. We all know how amazing Adele looks, so if it works for her, it will probably work for the rest of us.

8)      The most important thing to remember when trying to look slimmer is to stand up straight. Along with multiple health benefits, good posture makes you look ten pounds lighter. When was the last time you saw a Hollywood star slouching on the red carpet?

We often replace trips to the gym with evenings in front of the TV pigging out on fatty foods-who cares? You don’t have to be slim to look slim. Yes ladies, sometimes it’s easier to fake it!

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